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I enlisted in the US Army in 1977, went to Ft. Sill, Oklahoma for basic training and Ft. Bliss, Texas for Advanced Individual Training (AIT) as a Chaparral Missile Systems Maintenance Technician. After AIT I was assigned to the 3rd Infantry Division, 3/67 Air Defense Artillery in Giebelstadt, West Germany. While at Giebelstadt I completed ….  Read More



In my youth I experienced homelessness, usually by my own choosing, in Alaska, California and Washington. While I am somewhat adept at living off the land and feel quite at home in a tent or lean to I had the opportunity to experience the plight of others that were not as skilled at living off ….  Read More



Small business…it is at the very heart of our community, from the first jobs carrying your local paper to running a farm supplying fresh fruits and vegetables to locally owned markets and restaurants.