Hello, I’m Bill Fikes Jr.

I was born 65 years ago in California. My father was a Computer Programmer/Systems Analyst in the US Army back when a hard drive was the size of a small car tire. In 1965 we came to Alaska where he spent the last of his 21 years in the Army at Ft. Richardson. After retirement Dad returned to Alaska to work for the Alaska Railroad running the computers in their payroll division.

I attended Eagle River Elementary School and Chugiak High School. In 1968 Dad took a job working with Aerojet General on the Saturn 5 project in California. In 1972 he went to work for Data Center Corporation in Los Angeles and I worked at McDonald’s, California Donuts and Pier 1 Imports all in Marina Del Rey, California. In 1976 I returned to Alaska and helped my sister and her husband build a cabin in Wasilla. I enlisted in the Army in 1977 and trained as a Missile Maintenance Mechanic on the Chaparral Missile System and got assigned to the 3rd Infantry Division, 3/67th Air Defense Artillery, Giebelstadt Army Air Base in West Germany. In 1980 I returned to civilian life and we convinced Dad to retire a second time from his position as Vice President of the Data Center Corporation in Los Angeles. We moved the family to Washington State and after constructing a house on 40 acres outside of Tonasket I went to Spokane and attended the Spokane Technical Institute earning an Associates Degree in Communications Electronic Engineering, after several jobs in the electronics industry in Washington and California I again returned to Alaska settling in Wasilla until I returned to the Army in 1986. I trained as a Quartermaster and Chemical Repair Specialist and got stationed in South Korea, about 30 miles from the DMZ at Camp Stanley, what was supposed to be a 1 year tour turned into 4 years. During my time in South Korea I met and married KiChae Kim, we have been married for almost 33 years.

My last duty station was at Ft Ord, California where I was in charge of the 7th Infantry Division motorcycle Repair Shop with the responsibility for maintaining 135 KLR250 Motorcycles used by the Infantry Division’s Lightfighter Scouts. Returning to Alaska in 1992 I went to work for the City of Wasilla in the Parks and Recreation department. After 3 years I created Raven Graphics and Webmusher Design, providing Graphic Arts, advertising specialities, signage, website design, hosting and promotion services to clients around Alaska and as far away as Hong Kong.

I live in Meadow Lakes, with Kichae, a number of cats, dogs and a bird, I still run Webmusher Design and work with Citizens for Ethical Government Inc., Wasilla Homeless-Committee and a select group of clients in Alaska mainly whose websites and online presence I maintain.

I am a life member of AMVETS 951 in Wasilla, Past Commander of American Legion Post 35 and Chef De Gar Passe 40&8 Locale 816.

I am active in Cannabis and Hemp Legalization efforts, Ethics in Government, Social Justice, Local Homelessness and Environmental efforts.

If you have any questions for me on specific topics I welcome you to submit them to me at bill@fikes4house.com

Thank You, Bill Fikes